Styling & Design

Our services include styling and design for different occasions,  and we will offer you a selection of different visual arrangements. With our demand for excellence, only the finest in quality will appear at your event. With our experience and easy-going manner you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you are in capable hands. Our luxury wedding design service is available.

Our team will give their best to make each event custom tailored for you and achieve the correct balance between form, colour and style to create something special and personal for your event.

Flowers have a language of their own and we love combining the different elements with flowers to create a stunning décor  The flowers are the most personal of all decoration and the most awe-inspiring. Our style is innovative but also opulent, we love blending colours and textures producing beautiful visual arrangements.

We can take care of all of your décor details from the overall event design, including lighting, linen and to the smallest details for the personal flowers.

From the ultra modern to the very traditional we have a multitude of ideas and images to aid you in getting the look and feel for your big day just the way you imagine it will be. For your special occasion we will work with you to identify a design theme that is personal and unique to you and your celebration. We’ll produce colour schemes and design boards, search for the perfect accessories, decorate your venue and putting all the finishing touches in place.

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