About Us

Seventh-Events is created from a passion and love of working with people and the ability to create something unique for you.

My name is Debora Hodges and my work has always been related to working with people. In the last 15 years my professional experience has given me the opportunity to organise a variety of business and tourism events from 10 to 1000 people from all over Europe. My work has taken me to many different European countries like Austria, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Spain, which has given me a unique artistic flair combining the various cultural influences.

I have long wanted to share my knowledge and creativity with individuals, to help make their special personal celebrations unforgettable and unique. I always had a passion for decoration and design, sophistication and elegance. The vision for creating something beautiful, combining a different style and element is like a beautiful creative play. Organising the events has never been just a job for me, it is a passion and every time a new challenge!

My education was completed with a degree in Tourism Management. I am the holder of IEWP certification, International Event Wedding Planner Professional and I am fluent in four languages. Austria and Croatia have become my true favourite lands and it is from here that I gain much of my inspiration and  where I can find my enthusiasm.

Along my destinations journey, back in 2006, I met my husband Simon Hodges who is involved in the Seventh-Events operations. Simon has extensive knowledge of Tourism, working for over 30 years in organising events and working with people. In Seventh-Events Simon is in charge of organising transfers, accommodation, operations for the event day, excursions for the wedding guests and the services for the wedding party in resort.
On the wedding day we will have a team of people helping us throughout the day.

We know how to do the best and get the most out of a given budget, to stick to deadlines, to coordinate with other professionals involved in event and keeping all things under control. Organisation and time management skills, our attention to detail and ability to keep to budgets and work within a time frame have all contributed in my decision to start my own business and I am now focusing my attention on my own business ideas.

We look forward to meet you and create an extraordinary and totally bespoke wedding for you and with you!

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